• Only AIC offers private label programs with a true One Minute formula enabling OEMs to compete effectively with industry giants. AIC produces One Minute Disinfectants in a variety of spray and wipe formats to meet all user needs.
  • The AIC One Minute Formula kills all categories of pathogens in ONE MINUTE. PDI Super Sani-Cloth, CaviCide 1, CaviWipes 1, Virox and Clorox cannot.
  • AIC does not sell directly to end users. We produce private label products for OEM’s that wish to enter the disinfectant and antiseptic field. AIC will not undercut OEM’s in any market channel.
  • AIC ensures competitive pricing utilizing state of the art  manufacturing facilities offshore and domestically.
Your Brand Disinfectant Container Mockups

Market Channels

AIC offers private label programs in 6 primary markets:

  • Medical and Dental (hospitals, clinics, dental offices)
  • Home Care (HME and DME), Hospices, and Nursing Homes
  • Industrial Safety (Ambulance, Fire & Police Services, pandemic control)
  • Food safety
  • Janitorial and Sanitation Services
  • Hotels and Spas

Providing the Competitive Advantage

Unique Formula

EPA registered proprietary formula that is faster, kills more pathogens, is more user friendly and less destructive to surfaces.


Highly competitive pricing that enables major market penetration.

Product Accessibility

Domestic and offshore production partners that provide workable minimum production runs in EPA and FDA registered plants.

OEM Support

AIC does not sell against its OEM customers. AIC wll not undercut its clients in the marketplace.

Value Added Services

EPA / FDA regulatory expertise, product design, label design and compliance.

International Infection Control Alliance

AIC has created an international alliance of manufacturing, formulation and Intellectual Property companies with expertise in the creation of superior infection control products:

Science and Regulatory Compliance

AIC products are developed in full compliance with the guidelines and regulatory requirements of the US EPA and US FDA. AIC also develops products for the Canadian market. All Canadian products obtain Health Canada approval and registration.